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Website Maintenance

Think of us as your in-house website maintenance and improvement team. Just send us your updates and change requests and consider them done. Your work will be completed promptly and exactly as requested.

Our website maintenance services include...

  • keeping your blog updated with fresh content
  • making website improvements
  • enhancing your website's design 
  • functionality troubleshooting (Something broken? We can fix it.)
  • adding new functionality (online store, blog, gallery, forms, etc.)
  • maintaining your latest news or events calendar
  • upgrading your CMS or plugins
  • reworking outdated components
  • adding new pages or sections to your website
  • regular reviews to pinpoint beneficial improvement options
  • making individual updates on an as-needed basis

White glove website maintenance & updating

We take all the weight off your shoulders so you can breathe easier and focus on your business, not on making regular (and often tedious) website updates.

A thank you note from a dear & valued website maintenance client

photo of Toby B.

Let me first begin by saying I already have begun to enjoy working with you. You are thorough, punctual, informative, helpful, and precise.

You've made the path forward clear and understandable and you've already demonstrated the kind of attention, dedication, and care in a week that I did not see from my previous website maintenance company in two years.

I trust you.

Toby Babich, CMCA, RSPS
President, CO lodging company

Here's how our a la carte website maintenance service works

  1. Send us your updates via email.
  2. Receive a prompt confirmation from us with an expected turnaround time. (Typically within 1 - 4 business days for small updates and ~1 week+ for larger updates.)
  3. Relax.
  4. Find an email from us in your inbox on or before the due date confirming work completion.

Note: website updating work requires a 1/2 hour minimum.

Do we offer monthly website maintenance retainer packages?

Yes, we do.

Clients who opt for our monthly website maintenance retainer packages instead of one-off update requests get lower prices, guaranteed availability, complimentary consultations, and regular check-ins and discussions about their website's effectiveness and health.

Interested? Let's talk. We'll discuss your needs, goals, and budget—then put together the perfect website maintenance retainer package for your company.

What are you waiting for?

We're fast.
We're efficient.
We're exceedingly organized.

So start saving time and headaches by removing "Update website" from your to-do list and putting it onto ours.

Let's explore website maintenance for your business

Wish you could update your own site without help from a web maintenance company like ours?

That's great. We can integrate either a WordPress or ExpressionEngine Content Management System into your website that will put you in the driver's seat.

Still feeling hesitant?

Check out our How to Choose a Website Maintenance Company blog post for additional details that will help you make a smart decision.