Due to the highly customized nature of the sites we design, build, and improve for our clients, the following price ranges are provided as extremely rough guidelines only.

Website Investments

  • AVERAGE web design/build project: ~$9,500 – $40,000
  • SMALL website packages: $5,000 – $9,000

Monthly Online Marketing Investments

  • Monthly SEO and PPC pricing starts at $1,500/month

Website and Email Hosting

  • The vast majority of clients who work with us take advantage of our premium hosting. Our hosting and support packages typically run between $325 - $650/year.

Annual Improvements

  • Smart businesses understand that websites are not "one and done" projects. Effective business websites require ongoing care, maintenance, and improvements. Our average client spends between $5,000 - $15,000 annually on optimizing, growing, and continually improving their online presences, and between $1,000 - $1,500 to ensure their sites are upgraded throughout the year to prevent security problems.

Our flexibility and 12+ years of experience allow us to provide solutions that fit and maximize budgets of various sizes.

We can work with your company to create a prioritized plan based on your budget that optimizes your investment and fulfills your requirements and goals.


Typically, we provide clients with either fixed quotes or cost estimate ranges prior to beginning work.

However, some work cannot be quoted upfront and is billed on an hourly basis. There is a 30-minute minimum for all hourly work.

Work that is typically billed hourly includes:


Emergency? Need something immediately?

Not to worry; your company is in good hands. We've got you covered.

Please keep in mind that accommodating tight deadlines requires us to rearrange our schedules and extend our work hours. For these reasons, rush work incurs additional charges.


We accept payment via cash, check, PayPal, Visa, and Mastercard. Our convenient online Client Billing Center allows you to receive, manage, and pay your invoices online.

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