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Inbound marketing is one of the most comprehensive, powerful types of online marketing available.

(Note: Though our Colorado Inbound Marketing company is located near Denver, we serve clients throughout the United States. Geography is not an issue.)

Inbound Marketing is a proven methodology.

A recent study by K. Desrosiers and M. Paisner found that businesses using inbound marketing plus the all-in-one Inbound Marketing tool we use here at TimeForCake experienced an average 13% per month increase in website visitors and an average 32% per month increase in leads.

Inbound marketing goes far beyond what search marketing alone can accomplish; it's what truly allows us to turn our clients' websites into online marketing machines.

What is Inbound Marketing?

With standard online marketing (sometimes referred to as "outbound marketing"), you're constantly battling to be heard amidst all the other ads and noise and companies competing for attention.

Our method of website marketing works in the opposite manner.

With inbound marketing, instead of shouting, you first generate trust and receive permission to communicate about your products and services. As if you were an online lighthouse, you work to attract, not push, customers to your website. You make prospective buyers want and choose to learn more about your products and services. No shouting required.

Tactics used

Continual success and improvement requires a skillful, constantly-shifting combination of the following inbound marketing strategies:

keyword analysis • content generation • landing pages • calls to action • a/b testing • lead nurturing • blogging • SEO (on-page and off-page) • lead grading • PPC • email newsletters • link building • data analysis • offer creation (white papers, guides, checklists, reports, consultations, etc.) • social media (Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc.).

Could inbound marketing work for us?

When you partner with us and follow our guidelines, you will see a return on your investment. We won't take on your project if we're not confident inbound marketing could generate more money than you'd invest.

One thing you must keep in mind:

Inbound marketing can only work for you if you're serious about the investment.

Achieving success using this form of online marketing requires a serious, regular investment of your time every month. If you do not have a minimum of 10 - 15 hours to invest in your website each month, inbound marketing may not be for you.

What should we expect?

We'll work closely with you to craft the right plan for your company month after month based on actual data and results.

Your custom-tailored inbound marketing campaign will focus on four goals:

  1. attracting more qualified traffic to your website
  2. turning an increasing percentage of your traffic into qualified leads
  3. transforming those leads into actual sales
  4. constantly analyzing performance and updating strategies to improve #1 - #3 above

In other words, whereas some online marketing strategies stop at improving your search engine rankings, inbound marketing focuses on increasing traffic to your site and converting that traffic into leads and sales.

Will you use special inbound marketing tools?

Inbound Marketing software logoYes. We (and you) will use Hubspot—an all-in-one inbound marketing software suite that nearly 9 out of 10 customers say they'd refer to a friend or colleague*.

Your online Hubspot control panel, which you can access from any computer, provides data that goes far, far beyond basic stats such as the number of visitors your site receives in a day or how long visitors spend on your site. It actually provides the hard evidence needed for you to understand exactly how your site is performing and for us to make strategic, data-based decisions about improving your site month after month.

How powerful is this data?

Our all-in-one Inbound marketing tool actually tracks which strategy (blog? Facebook? email newsletter?) generates each and every one of your online leads and sales. It provides you with a constant stream of data that proves ROI every month and that helps us nimbly change direction as needed so that we can constantly tweak your inbound marketing plan for maximum results.

With our all-in-one Hubspot inbound marketing tool allowing us to work more efficiently and effectively, you see more traffic, leads, and sales while experiencing cost savings* at the same time.

It's pretty amazing, really.


* Per the Desrosiers and Paisner 2011 study, entitled "Return on Investment from Inbound Marketing Through Hubspot Software"
** It's true. The same 2011 study found that Inbound Marketing costs 62% less per lead than traditional, outbound marketing