How long does it take to design and develop a new business website?

It varies tremendously. The amount of time it takes to complete a website project depends upon the complexity, size, goals, functionality, and design of a website—as well as a client's responsiveness and quality of participation.

While very small websites can take as little as 4 weeks to complete, larger more complex websites can take 6 months and beyond.

How can our business's website show up higher in Google rankings?

If your site has been live for more than a few months but is not ranking as well as you'd like in the search engines, it might be time to consider Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in addition to other marketing services.

Contact us and we can share different ways in which you can increase your Search Engine rankings and attract more visitors to your site.

Why is the company called TimeForCake?

Alas, there is no amazing (or even mildly entertaining) story behind the company name other than the fact that the word "cake" tends to make people smile and feel happy.

Can you fix our networks or computers?

Sorry, we can't. 

We build great websites, but we're not the people to call if you're in need of computer repair, networking assistance, servers, etc.

Can you take care of our company's website hosting?

Absolutely. We currently manage the website (and email) hosting for the majority of our clients.

Do you offer free website and online marketing consultations?

Yes. We offer an initial, free 30-minute phone consultation to qualified businesses considering working with us.

What are your website development rates?

Please take a look at our website pricing page to learn more about what you can expect to invest if we work together.

Will we be able to maintain our website internally, or will you do that for us?

This is a great question. Our answer: What would work best for your company?

Maintenance Option #1 - Maintenance by TimeForCake
We maintain your company website

This option is recommended for companies who plan to have sites that won't require regular updating. We make updates to your site per your requests, and those updates are simply billed hourly (with a 30 minute minimum) or on a monthly retainer.

Maintenance Option #2 - Maintenance by You
Your company maintains its website internally

This option is recommended for companies who plan to have sites that will require regular updates, changes, and additions. For this option, we integrate a powerful Content Management System (CMS) into your site that allows your team to quickly, easily, and securely update all of your content with the click of a few buttons.