How we helped a hardwood flooring company build a solid online foundation

Colorado Custom Wood Floors is a third-generation company that needed to reach out to potential customers who now turn to the Internet in lieu of the Yellow Pages for solutions.

We developed a website for the company that acts as a simple, informative brochure by...

The results have been outstanding.

A recent email from the company's co-owner, Kelly Stevens, stated, "Our website is a true asset! We've had such a great response and so many positive comments from our customers regarding the quality and professionalism of the web site as well..."


With a minimal amount of optimization work, the Colorado Custom Wood Floors website now sits in the top 3 spots in Google (and often the #1 spot) for a wide variety of the keyword terms their customers search for.

Examples of the keyword phrases their site now ranks in the top 3 spots in Google for include: