Yellow Pages United: Scam Alert!

By Erin | August 02, 2009 | Online Marketing

Yellow pages scam invoice

I’d like to focus on one thing and one thing only today. If you own a business or if you’re in charge of managing the paperwork/reading the mail for a business, I encourage you to pay close attention.

The continued proliferation of spammy emails, misleading banner advertisements, and fake newsletters has shown that as technology evolves, so too, do hoaxes and scams aiming to covertly take money from the unsuspecting.

Twice now in the past three weeks the people behind a grossly unethical scam have attempted to steal my money. It’s my hope that sharing information about this scam will keep local businesses from unwittingly handing over their hard-earned money to the company behind this scam – Yellow Pages United.

Sometimes Yellow Pages United Calls You…

Some say it starts with a phone call. A phone call in which someone wishes to “verify your phone book listing details”.

Here’s the unthinkable part: A quick Google search shows how Yellow Pages United has taken these recorded phone calls, cut and mixed them, then later played them back to business owners so it sounds as if they have actual proof of the business owner agreeing to additional services or upgrades.

In other words, if you ever receive a phone call from someone asking to verify your phone book or online yellow pages listing, hang up immediately.

The Scam Gets Worse (aka the “Invoice”)

Though I myself never received a phone call from Yellow Pages United, I did receive their “Invoice”. You can see an image of the envelope this document came in right here. The Invoice Enclosed text means it’s almost impossible to categorize the envelope’s contents as junk mail upon first glance.

The sheet of paper inside the envelope reads INVOICE in bold, capital letters across the top. It shows a fake, scanned order request. Yellow Pages United even crossed out my correct phone and fax numbers, replacing them with incorrect numbers hoping that I’d call to their customer service number and ask them to fix my incorrect contact info — which in turn acts as me acknowledging and approving the listing.

See an Example of Their Fake Invoice

Take a look at a scan of the fake invoice I received.

yellow pages united scam

Disturbingly, if you take a moment to read the fine print below the faked order request, you’ll find it states that “THIS IS A SOLICITATION FOR THE ORDER OF GOODS OR SERVICES … AND NOT A BILL, INVOICE, OR STATEMENT OF ACCOUNT DUE….” The text goes on, but I think you get the point. The best part of the fine print asks you to review the terms of the agreement on the back of the sheet of paper; there are none.

What’s most disturbing?

The forgery.

Not only does the document says “ORDER SIGNED BY - ERIN PHEIL” when I never signed a thing, but there’s an actual signature on the document. And plain and simple, that is NOT my signature. I don’t and never will sign my name with a capital “E”.

Yellow Pages United forged my signature, looking to make the document appear to be a previously-handled agreement.  I’m far from a lawyer, but it’s my understanding that forgery is illegal.

Can Yellow Pages United Legally Use the Logo & Business Name?

Unfortunately, the Walking Fingers logo is in the public domain and can thus be used freely by anyone in the United States. Same goes for the phrase “Yellow Pages”.

So… What Can You Do?

Remember: despite the repeated instances of INVOICE on the Yellow Pages United envelope and document, and despite the document stating twice that that $296.00 is the AMOUNT DUE NOW… these pieces of paper are nothing but an underhanded attempt to take money from busy, hardworking people who can’t remember whether or not they signed up with this particular Yellow Pages company.

In the end there’s really nothing to worry about here so long as:

  1. you’re aware of this scam
  2. you remember to hang up on people wishing to verify your online Yellow Pages listing, and
  3. you can identify fake invoices if they ever show up in your mailbox.

To learn more, I encourage you to google “Yellow Pages United scam”.


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Comment from Warren on 08/04/2009

What if you answer and went through there phone call? Will I get there hoax bill? Can i Fight it? I received the phone call about 20 min ago, something didn’t seem right. So while they were talking to me I was googling there phone number. Hmm yellow pages united doesn’t have a listing. That doesn’t make sense. So I called the number back on my cell phone and it gave me some lady and she clammed a car accident knocked out a telephone pole. Causing the phone number to go crazy, and that she had had several phone calls over the last 15 min. I think she might have been part of the scam too. What do I do? I’m nervous and kind of shaken over this whole thing. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to stop this before it gets worse.

Comment from Erin Pheil on 08/09/2009
Erin Pheil

Hello there,
I’m most definitely not an expert when it comes to legal issues such as this, nor do I know exactly how this company functions so I cannot confirm whether or not you’ll receive a hoax bill. Instead of worrying, I’d sit back and relax and, if something bad happens or they start harassing you, I would contact an attorney… I don’t think is something to be shaken about, though…. try to relax.

Comment from Madeline on 12/16/2009

Yes, we received a bill from them for $396.00! Is there a way to report them and shut them down?

Comment from Rhonda on 12/28/2009

Since opening my office in July I have received an “Order Form” from Yellow Pages United every month. The first time I got it I tore it up and threw it away the next few times I would mail it back to them (so they had to pay for the postage) and marked through all the info and wrote on it to TAKE ME OFF THEIR LIST.

Today I received another one and decided to look them up on the web. Found their website and called the number listed. I spoke with Allison #1662 who told me she could not remove me from their mailing list that I would have to contact the three companies that they purchase their company info from. These companies are: Acxiom, InfoUSA, & Dunn & Bradstreet. I contacted all three companies and requested them not to give my information out to any other companies that want to mail me anything to purchase. I was told my InfoUSA that Allison was wrong and that they could remove me from their list.

I called back and got Allison again and she told me the same thing. I told her I wanted to speak to a supervisor and Lisa got on the phone. She told me she would remove me from their list. She said I might receive one more thing that might “slip through the cracks” but that would be the end of it.

I will keep you posted on this!

It is so aggravating that in our busy lives we have to take the time out of our schedules to stop something that never should have happened to begin with. It is a sad day when deceitful people try to make money off hard working people instead of earning a decent wage themselves.

Happy New Year!

Comment from era on 12/29/2009

ok so they sent me the invoice with a wrong listing (one letter wrong) we fixed the listing and sent it back where we then received a bill for the 396 dollars. the listing they sent back was even more wrong with now 2 letters wrong. i called the customer service number and talked to a david, when i told him i am not paying the bill he seemed more than happy to cancel it for me.(sounded like a college male with some chatter in the background…very unprofessional even though with the main menu would trick some.) after telling him my invoice number that was on the bill he said the account was cancelled with a 0 balance i asked for a conformation number and i was given a 4 digit number. after hanging up i called back to see if it was david again…it was a different college sounding male i asked him for a conformation email. i was then sent a no subject email with attachment from Christopher mcgill. (which i did not open)

so this is most definitely a scam. i didnt call them out on being a scam only because they were willing to work with me i just wanted to be in and out but why would the email be a no subject with attachment so BE WARE but if you had made the mistake just call and cancel because they dont want to be caught

Comment from becca d nerd on 03/10/2010
becca d nerd

i just got a bill for $396 with my signature on it. i had filled out a card verifying my address i thought it was for a complimentary basic listing like most phone book companies do. I read it thoroughly and saw nothing stating it would cost me $396!. Can they send me to collections for this?

Comment from Ron Agrusa on 04/09/2010
Ron Agrusa

i just got a bill for $396 with my signature on it. i had filled out a card verifying my address i thought it was for a complimentary basic listing like most phone book companies do. I read it thoroughly and saw nothing stating it would cost me $396!. Can they send me to collections for this?
What he said |
I’m one that usually just writes a check when I get a bill.
These people Are disgusting.
And hiring some college kid to help keep up with there scam?
There has to be a way to stop it!

Comment from Glenn Bowerrs on 04/15/2010
Glenn Bowerrs

You need to be more diligent than ever to avoid these scam artists. I even had them call me professing to be from ATT, and could I verify my ATT security code. If it would have really been ATT, they would never ask for the account security code. I don’t know why some regulatory body from the government doesn’t look into these companies and shut them down.

Comment from Brandon R. Stafford on 04/16/2010
Brandon R. Stafford

Hello all,

I realize that this article was posted awhile back, but let me assure that this SCAM is still in full swing. I work for a Internet Provider that is somewhat small, but somewhat large. (I know that this statement is a oxy-moran but bear with me.) I work for company that has seen its “up’s and down’s” and has been mis-managed in the past but has a strong customer base. One of (my many jobs) is to get to the bottom of where our marketing money has gone, and what is the return that we are receiving on our marketing Source Code Reports.

One issue kept popping up, and that issue was.. “Yellow Pages United”. We operate with two offices. One, the office that I work out of, and two, a corporate office. Both offices have received faxes and mail. We have received so much of this, that the owner of the company was ready to send a payment of $296 but decided to check with me first. So I dug in deep. I attempted to contact “Yellow Pages United” on many different occaisions but to no avail. The last mailing that we received(4-16-2010) from “Yellow Pages United” actually used the name of an employee that was terminated over two years ago!!

Just thought you would want to know….Thank you for your Posting!!!!!!

Comment from Steve Taksa on 05/05/2010
Steve Taksa

I just realized that this is a scam. I actually paid the $396. When I received the directory, I saw that it is a national directory, for which I have absolutely use. I called a similar company as mine to see if they knew the nature of this directory and if they paid the “bill”. I am waiting for someone to call me back. I’m wondering if there is any criminal or civil wrong involved with this and if some kind of lawsuit could be filed. I am going to contact a local attorny.

Comment from Colorado Web Design Company on 05/17/2010
Colorado Web Design Company

Please tell me you didn’t write them a check, though, did you? I can’t believe they haven’t been shut down yet — this has been going on for a VERY long time now!

Comment from Denver Web Design on 05/29/2010
Denver Web Design

Oh no!! I can’t believe they took almost $400 of your money; that’s horrible. I’m wondering, though, what a local attorney will be able to do–I’m guessing it would be more expensive to work with one on this matter than it would be to drop it. Even though dropping it wouldn’t make you feel better or do anyone else any good.

Please do return and tell us what your attorney says!! So many of us want to know!!

Comment from Robbie on 07/07/2010

You will be pleased to here that these scammers have been arrested!

These guys are in deep trouble!

Comment from Erin Pheil on 07/07/2010
Erin Pheil

Such great news that there’s hope that the Yellow Page United Scam may not continue to harm people. Well… not *this* particular scam, at least…

Comment from cbs on 08/23/2010

Don’t hold your breath - I received an invoice for August so what has changed ? From reading the post on the arrest I think they will continue to operate. JMO!

Comment from Ranelle on 08/23/2010

I just received a 2nd invoice today for $396 from Yellow Pages United (out of Atlanta, GA). With the photo copy of a signed form I signed & returned thinking it was for my local yellow pages asking me for updates to my listing. After I received the 1st invoice, it didn’t feel right so I googled the company only to discover it is a scam. So I ignored the first invoice so today I get this 2nd invoice. I’m not sure if I’m obligated to pay it or not. I tried to call but it was after their business hours. I will attempt again tomorrow.

And as if that wasn’t enough, I also got in today’s mail another “listing order form” requesting changes to my listing and a signature. But get this…it’s a totally different company …called US-Yellow, Yellow Pages out of Jackonsville, FL.

I’m usually not caught by scams, but some of these people are good at what they do and it’s unfortunate!

I’m learning to check the internet before making a decisions now!

Comment from Erin Barrett on 08/24/2010
Erin Barrett

I just recieved a bill for $198.00 for confirming address in the yellow pages. I just signed a card to confirm the address. NOW three weeks later I get this invoice. What do I do now? I called the number and there was a recording saying “we are closed for the day”. Even on the card it has THE LITTLE FINGERS DOING THE WALKING….ICK and says, “YELLOW PAGES UNITED”

Comment from Lisa on 08/30/2010

I am getting a bill from Yellow Page B.V. for $2136. The billing they are sending me has my signature on it, but I am certain, that I did not sign it. It asked for an updated address, but there was no writing at the bottom. Now there is writing, stating I agree to a 2 year contract. Can I get out of this? They are now asking for $534 within 10 days to cancel the order.

Comment from cyberjam on 09/16/2010

hi there. i received an invoice last week from united yellow pages. i don’t remember contacting any yellow pages to advertise online or in print my business. so i called them and talked to a james moore. he seems nice because he acknowledged that there is confusion. he lowered my bill from $480.00 to $240.00 if i pay my bill today. he also said that he would remove me from listing. he also wants me to forward any calls or invoice from other company to them as my “legal department” and they will help me. are yellow pages united and united yellow pages the same? if they are, what can i do? should i contact an attorney? oh and besides united yellow page, super pages also contacted me and said that i owe them almost $1,000.00.

Comment from Life Force on 10/20/2010
Life Force

I paid the $396, found that they have relocated to Jacksonville. When I called for a refund of my money they gave me a four digit cancellation number and said the money would be refunded within 4 - 5 weeks. Has anyone gotten their money back?

Comment from TST on 12/06/2010

I’ve gotten the same bill from Yellow Pages United since May. I have never paid it, I just file it. The amount never changes, but the due date does (according to the month we are in). I’m hoping that one day this will just stop?

Comment from Dude on 12/07/2010

They were sending out a check for 5 bucks for a while with a contract on the back stating if you endorse this check and deposit it they will sign you up bla bla bla

Comment from T on 12/09/2010

that same form came to my business. I then got their $396 bill which is due “upon receipt”. A month or so ago and I keep getting them. Now it comes with a photocopy of my sig and other stuff. I certainly wont pay it, but we really need to get together and get this stopped. Blatantly deceitful.

Comment from Chris on 12/11/2010

But WAIT, there’s more! Today I got a “past due” bill from US-Yellow saying that I owe them $229.00 PLUS a $458.00 “late fee”!

Comment from Christal on 01/05/2011

I just got the same bill $396.00 I just signed a card to confirm the address. NOW I get this invoice. I am not going to pay it.

Comment from Sherry P on 01/07/2011
Sherry P

I got the card in the mail thought it was complimentary listing, it says “Not a Bill, Invoice or Statement of Account Due…You Are Under No Obligation”, And now I get a Bill for $396.00. I looked at the Invoice and its from Atlanta GA and the envelope is from Jacksonville FL? I called and they are not open. I have been getting calls from GA but when I answer the phone they keep hanging up on me. So word to the wise If you did not call about it yourself don’t do anything!

Comment from Sherry P on 01/07/2011
Sherry P

I did just go to their web site and went to customer service you can go to invoice options and cancel my account…so I did and now it shows me at a Zero Balance…Lets see how true they really are….

Comment from Lemmy Winks on 01/09/2011
Lemmy Winks

Low and behold it’s 2011 and I fell for it I got the official (so I thought) yellow pages request about a month ago and filled out the correct information. I was so excited to have my first business in the yellow pages. My business is new and I thought this would be great to have the info in the Yellow Pages. To my dismay, I received the official invoice the other day for $396.00!!!! Sweet Jesus..I thought to myself- it’s really expensive to have your business posted. My ‘request’ for this sevcice was scanned in and looks very official. I then looked at the bottom of the ‘invoice’ and noticed that there is some fine print stating the terms and conditions. As I read through them I don’t recal seeing them on the bottom before. Does anyone recal this information being there? I’m usually diligent on reading the fine print. I’m so thankful that this comment board is here. My only concern is that they have my buisness name, home address, cell number AND signature!!! I highly doubt they can send me to collections but i’m still worried

Comment from Barb on 01/12/2011

We get these come on every year, and if your not careful you will get a bill for services. I thought about starting my own scam, except my logo will be sticking up the middle finger, instead of fingers doing the walking.

Comment from Chris on 01/16/2011

I too received a fake bill from them after, I filled out what looked like a free listing.

This is what I’m sending them in their return envelope:


Yellow Pages United

Po Box 50038

Jacksonville, FL 32240-0038

This is a scam. We did not request a paid for ad from your company, only the free one. I will be reporting you to several better business bureau sites which rate online stores.

Please cease and desist. Any further contact other than to act knowledge your error, will result in a harassment case being brought against you.

Thank you,

xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx

Comment from Office Manager on 02/16/2011
Office Manager

This scam is live and well. Today I received the “Invoice”. I called and told them to remove the listing which they said they would do without a fight. I unfortunately shredded the invoice not thinking to send it to my lawyer. If I get another scam invoice next month believe me I will.

Comment from Ronda Harvey on 06/05/2013
Ronda Harvey

You need to call this number 1-904-721-2288 they have had 179 complaints in the past 12 months still have a A+ rating WOW and still playing this game. UNREAL Go to the BBB and type in Yellow Pages United and Click it will take you to another page Be sure to Click the Jacksonville FL one that is where they are located even though it has the address as Atlanta GA I already confirmed all of that. YOU MUST Report them because this is very sad what they are doing to people.

Comment from Ronda Harvey on 06/05/2013
Ronda Harvey

Here is the link Hope it helps

Comment from Conrad on 06/05/2013

I GOT SCAMMED TOO! I actually did sign the form so I thought that my carelessness would bite me this time. I called the company and was not all that polite (I didn’t even realize what a scam it was at the time). The lady informed me that my account would go to collections. I thought that I would be responsible for the $396 and it would actually go to collections and hurt my credit. Upon following above advice and canceling on their website it shows that I owe a zero balance. Very Interesting!

I actually do have money that has been auto withdrawn from my bank acct from a yellow pages company. Supposedly a different company. Anybody know anything about this?

Comment from Conrad on 06/05/2013

The other company I was also getting scammed by is called, they are apparently out of Jacksonville. Yellow Pages United appears to be out of Atlanta but on the BBB website United shows up as out of Jacksonville. I’m wondering if these are the same company running the same scam under the appearance of 2 companies?

Comment from Les on 06/12/2013

I haven’t been scammed by this company, but today I got a “bill” from them. The outside of the envelope says, “Yellow Pages” which actually sounds legit, but when you open the mail the printed name on the inside says, “Yellow Pages United” ...that’s NOT the same thing as Yellow Pages!

Comment from Joel on 08/12/2013

I also received one of those invoices but I believe mine was a signed form that I had signed and returned to confirm information for a free listing.

I submitted a complaint to the Atlanta Better Business Bureau and I suggest everybody who receives one of those “invoices” does the same thing.

Comment from joe on 08/19/2013

I got the same thing and if you read the front and not the back it looks like the want you verify your address so I did now I have a bill for $396 and a year later they signed me up again for another $396 I called and they said they would put me in collections and should have read the form…its been a year and no collection service called me I refused to pay and told them im contesting the bill

Comment from joe on 08/19/2013

recap on

go on their site, register, you’ll see you owe money and then cancel your subscription

you will get a verification of a $0.00 balance

print it out to save it…If they call you say you have a zero balance and a copy off their website that states it.

then ask them how does it feel to be scammed…
if I did something like what they do , id be in jail..

Comment from BIA of NCO on 08/26/2013

I received this same invoice numerous times and threw away.  I have been here for 2-1/2 yrs and they called me a few weeks ago and said they were going to turn us in to collections.  I told them we never agreed to this advertising, but when I looked back, the last EO paid this $296 in 2009. Now I had a copy of the signature card she signed from 08 for the first edition.  They have acquired a bill for $1480 since then.  WE PAID IT!!!!! Not having any idea this was a scam.  What do I do now????  They even sent an email of confirmation they cancelled our account after they cashed our check.  The makes me sick.  Please help.

Comment from Susan on 08/27/2013

I work for a yellow pages company that publishes for Centurylink.  I know that we do publish free listings in the book if you have your business number through them, and we also do paid advertising in the book.  I have customers who tell me when they get these “invoices” and I always advise that unless it says the actual main phone company (which is Centurylink in over 30 states) then do not call or send any money.  It is a sad that they can do this and hurt business owners.  It’s even worse that they can make it seem they are legit and get people to pay thinking it is the actual phone book company.  I know that every time I call a client that I advise them up front that we publish the Centurylink yellow pages and verify all information..not ask for it.

Comment from Kim on 09/03/2013

We have also been receiving the “invoice”.  The invoice has a printed name and signature.  The owner never signs his name the way this “invoice” shows. Not only is his first name spelled wrong but his last name is only the 1st 4 letters of his 9 letter last name.  We’ve been receiving invoices for 3 yrs.  Never paid one and the balance keeps growing.  Make sure you keep a copy of an “invoice” in case you hire a new A/P clerk.  New employees can slip and make mistakes.  This would be a costly mistake @ $1,584.00 and climbing.

Comment from John on 09/13/2013

A while ago this company sent a thing in the mail which states we had a free listing with them and them wanted to make sure all the listing information is correct. 

A year later I got a false bill for $1188.00 for some website service which I never needed.  This company needs to be shut-down.

Comment from David Coltrin on 09/16/2013
David Coltrin

OMG I put my credit card number on paper to send in mail and I had second thoughts when I saw web address ...  So I get online and was going to pay it ... and saw this Scam Alert and read it .... Same Invoice and everything !!!  Thanks a MILLION !!!!!

Comment from Jenny H on 09/24/2013
Jenny H

THANK YOU!!! I was researching “Yellow Pages United” to see if it was going to be worth the money to pay for a listing with them. Thank you a million times over!

Comment from Callie on 10/16/2013

Thank you SO much for posting this! I manage a business, and just shredded this document after reading this. Thanks again!!!

Comment from Laura on 10/23/2013

Hey all - October 2013 and this is still in full swing. They sent me the ‘PLEASE CHECK ONE’ whether I wanted to keep my current biz name or fix it. Of course, they put the wrong info so I fixed it and mailed it! Then I got hit with $396 bill, too. I am going to call and see if they will just cancel it and try to call them out on the hoax. There is NO way I am paying. CROOKS!

Comment from Peter on 11/20/2013

I recieved a Invoice $1,980 yesterday from Yellow pages united. Should I pay or not?

Comment from Erin on 11/21/2013

@Peter - Did you read the article or any of the comments here?

Comment from Michael Maffucci on 12/06/2013
Michael Maffucci

WOW, This is amazing to me! For the last 3 years I have been receiving what appears to be an invoice for something mind you we NEVER signed up for! No dialog ever with anyone from this company. Every invoice they send the amount due changes. Yellow Pages United is definitely a scam. Anyone know how we report them?

Comment from Karen on 02/02/2014

I received an invoice for $396.00.  I went on line as Joe did back in 9/2013 and cancelled my subscription.  I received a cancelled account printout for my supposed subscription.  Try it it works.  My company has been scammed five times in the last 3 months and we have stopped them all.

Comment from Sandy on 02/18/2014

Years ago I received a letter from a “collection agency” telling me that we owed a past due bill and collection charges to a company called Yellow Pages Express.  I wouldn’t be surprised if they are the same company as Yellow Pages United.  Just change the name and scam some more people.  I insisted on a phone number for their “customer service”.  Same woman answered every time I called and she spoke with a foreign accent.  I asked for the proof of the recorded phone conversation and they could never produce it (supposedly too long ago).  A search on the internet confirmed my suspicion that it was a scam.  I called “customer service” and told her I knew it was all a scam and I wasn’t paying anything.  She got angry and SCREAMED at me so I just hung up.  I then called the “collection agency” and told them I wasn’t paying anything.  That the company they were collecting for was a scam and they had to know it.  I also told them that since they had mailed knowingly fraudulent information thru the mail their company was also violating federal law.  I told them I wasn’t paying it.  I then filed complaints with the state where both companies did business, the state attorney general’s office in Indiana and the post office.  Never heard another word from either the collection agency or the Yellow Pages company.  Today I received a solicitation for Yellow Pages United in the mail.  The scams continue.  I think I’ll drop it off at the post office with a note it is a scam mailing.

Comment from mark on 02/28/2014

they hoaxed me to. i got an invoice and a bill for 396. i think they fished off my YP account and they must have thought they could jump on the band wagon and sneak a bill in on me as well. i accidently paid it thinking it was the YP account when i never even spoke to or set up an account with Yellow Pages Unite. I called them and they said they would refund my 396. i hope they follow through. i think Yellow Pages United has very unethical and underhanded business practices and they should have to pay some conciquences. Just another case of dishonest and greedy people. the world would be a better place without them.

Comment from Jen on 04/07/2014

Scam is still going strong in 2014!  How are they not shut down yet.  Just got my “invoice”

Comment from Brandon on 04/10/2014

Even if you sign up, call them and cancel. They have a 90 day money back guarantee. (how generous)

My boss’ partner got himself signed up for a Yellow Pages United listing. I called and spoke to “Lisa” who, while a little rude, agreed to void the invoice and delete the account.

I hope that’s true and it ends here.

Comment from Leslie Furnald on 04/23/2014
Leslie Furnald

I just received a past due notice from them for the amount of $1,584.00 which is the equivilant of two years worth of invoices.  Back in 2012 a I made a correction on a “renewal” form thinking it had to do with our actual listing not knowing about this scam.  I have never paid them anything nor do I plan to now.  I spoke to someone on the phone & told her I don’t even know what this listing if for and she said she would put the listing on hold.  I want to know what I should do with this bill so as not to be put into collections.

Comment from Allison on 05/09/2014

They are still doing business!! I keep getting this same invoice so mad! I had the same thing happen from ez car rental do not rent a car from them this is getting ridiculous who do these people think they are? Why are they still able to send out these fraudulent invoices?

Comment from Greg Beers on 05/21/2014
Greg Beers

These people, and I use the term loosely, from the CEOs, presidents,vicepresidents, administrators, and on down, are the most collective, worthless pieces of shit on the planet.

Should be a bounty on them.

Comment from Millie on 05/21/2014

Thanks to the advice of you wonderful folks I just went to cancel my “subscription” and printed out my zero balance statement. I ALMOST paid this!! It is my signature, but I know I would not have signed anything that had the fine print on it that this “copy” I received had on it. This is a scam that I think a lot of people would fall for. I really am glad that I did a little bit of internet research before I just paid it.
Thanks again!!

Comment from Erin on 05/21/2014

@Millie—you’re very welcome, glad we were able to save you a bit of money and some headaches.  Thanks for your comment!

Comment from Charlie on 06/04/2014

I got suckered and filled out what I thought then as a free listing correction for the real Yellow Pages. Then, received a ridiculous invoice for $300 plus! After briefly worrying, I did research online and found out the truth: I’m far from being alone in getting scammed. What I figured:

DO NOT PAY THEM! Do not give them any credit card/payment/SSN/EIN info. This is their end goal. If they don’t have any of these, your money or credit is in no real danger.

IGNORE THEM. Any of their bills, calls and threats are as worthless as the manure stains at the bottom of your shoe that these people are made of. They will never have any grounds to report you to any collection agency or take legal action. Their “collection agencies” are the same people!

It’s 2014 and these turd bags are still at it. REPORT them to Better Business Bureau, FTC, and whoever has any jurisdiction. Their scamming kind won’t do us all a favor and off themselves. It’s up to us the stop them.

Comment from Tim on 06/09/2014

I have the same problem,  I made a correction from a mail that they send and I’m thinking it’s just a correction for the listing.  I end up with a bill for 396.00.  I am glad I found this website.  I was a about to pay it then cancel because I don’t want a bad credit.  I hope it is over.

Comment from Christin on 06/16/2014

I learned the hard way years ago that this was a scam- however I was able to cancel without paying a dime.

I continue to receive their “Order Form” on what seems to be a monthly basis.  I have searched the web but cannot figure out how to be removed from their mailing list.  Has anyone figured this out?

Comment from Greg Beers on 08/13/2014
Greg Beers

I’m just surprised that there’s so many people that would get suckered by this. Are they too important/stupid to read their mail ??? Geezuz, maybe they deserve to get screwed.

Comment from Julie on 08/14/2014

I received this so called order form.  Did my research. Faxed them back the paper with writing all over it stating it was a SCAM and who i turned them into.  Turn this into the USPS because it was received through the mail.  Also file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.
Now a days, you have to be on your toes at all times because of these scams.  I have had to to this 3 times with 3 different scammers in a one year period.  Really!

Comment from Liz on 08/14/2014

Thanks for making this post.  I just got my bill for $396 and filed a complaint with BBB, they told me to write a letter to the company and let them know I was disputing the charge.  I will not pay them a dime. I too assumed it was just another listing verification from the real..and free yellow pages…it looked strikingly similar!

Apparently the Yellow Pages logo is not Trademarked so these scammers reproduce it to trick people!  Bastards!

Comment from Judy Hall on 09/17/2014
Judy Hall

We were scammed by them.  They had our nurses voice recorded as having agreed to paying the $396.  We paid. They did the same thing to us again after getting the money. We caught on the second time. Once we looked into the scam, we realized that they were doctoring the recording.  Our nurse listened to the recording and without a doubt said that it was cut and paste.  She absolutely said that she never agreed to pay. I reported them to the Better Business Bureau, but they can’t do anything.

Comment from james on 09/25/2014

I thought I was the only one…My case started when I received “the order form” with wrong phone number on it.
in fact, I was alerted of this by the person whose phone number was listed on my web page.

To me, It looks like they want to change people (more like force them.) to pay to have their wrong information corrected. It’s places like these that google gets their information from.

Their order form is very misleading and vauge. I simply thought I was correcting information that was already free.

Today I received a bill for another $396.00 some sort of auto renew. after reading all these post. I think I better call them and the BBB as well as the AG in florida.

Comment from Akanksha on 10/01/2014

Thanks for writing this article and sharing this information. Now people will become a bit more attentive while using YP UNITED.

Comment from shawn on 10/24/2014

All i did was log in to my account on their website and click cancel. took me 2 minutes and they sent me a confirmation email stating that the balance was zero.  Don’t pay, just cancel.

Comment from Steve Horn on 10/28/2014
Steve Horn

These thief’s just called me about 30 minutes ago and I just launched a campaign with and my rep was to return a call today. At first when I answered the phone it was an eastern Indian accent speaking man claiming to verify my information. I thought it was from until I listened to him for a minute. He tried to hard close me and I told the man three times that I don’t make any decisions without talking to my partner first. When we ended the call I googled united yellow pages because in the coarse of the call I realized it wasn’t and asked him who it was, and that’s when I saw this scam alert! I want to thank you for taking time to post this!

Comment from Angelica B. on 10/30/2014
Angelica B.

I dont believe the company is a scam at all. Ive done my research and they have an A rating on BBB and the Attorney General has no complaints on them either. Heres the deal. The “walking fingers” logo is an INDUSTRY LOGO. They are an independent yellow pages directory just as AT&T, The Yellow Pages and your other local directories. There is small print on the front of the form, as well as on the back.

The only issue I had was that I thought it was my local pages and not an online directory. They arent scamming us by using the logo. We, as consumers, arent usually educated in Industry Logos. LOL

I did cancel my account, which was really easy. I called, spoke with a young lady named April who explained it all to me and make cancelling an easy thing. We all need to start reading the fine print.

What are your thoughts? Any questions?

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