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Man with ArrowsDo You Have a Slideshow On Your Website’s Home Page? Uh Oh. Read This.

May 20, 2015  - If you have a slideshow on your website's homepage, or are planning a website redesign that will include a homepage slideshow, you *need* to read today's post. Trust us.   Continue reading

An Easy Way to Uncover Problem Areas in Your Company’s Website

May 13, 2015  - Do you want your business’s website to perform better, but are uncertain of what to fix or where to begin?  Continue reading

Where To Find Better Stock Photos For Your Business’s Website

April 15, 2015  - Finding stock photos for your website that don't look like stereotypical stock photos can be tricky. Today we share a resource that'll point you in a better direction.  Continue reading

Moms and Google Agree: Friendliness Matters

March 18, 2015  - Find out Google’s latest move to serve mobile-friendly content to mobile users and what it means for your website.  Continue reading

The Extreme Power Of Small Website Improvements

January 21, 2015  - When a client approached us for a website redesign project, we actually told them investing in a new design wasn't a good idea. Learn why, and learn how we saved this client time and money.  Continue reading

Does Your Company TRULY Need a New Website? The Answer May Very Well Be…No.

July 30, 2014  - What I'm about to tell you may come as a big surprise. A new website for your business might not be a smart investment.  Continue reading

Cross-Browser Testing: Expert Website Improvement Tools You Can Use

April 09, 2014  - Today we share with you both a premium service and a free service that allow you to see, exactly, what your website looks like to visitors using different browsers, browser versions, and operating systems.  Continue reading

Website Improvement Case Study For A High-End Eco-Tourism Company

March 26, 2014  - Last Fall we completed a consultation project for a high-end Denver eco-tourism company. They saw BIG results almost instantly. Learn more in today's post.  Continue reading

Offer Series, Part 1 of 6: *This* Is How We Keep Our Clients’ Leads (and Our Own!) Rolling In…

February 05, 2014  - Learn about one of our most powerful tactics for generating streams of online leads—a tactic we implement for both our clients and ourselves.  Continue reading

Getting Flipped Off While Driving & No-Winner Battles in Business Web Design Projects

January 15, 2014  - What can you learn about website design from my recent experience of being flipped off, honked at, and headlight-flashed by a couple of lovely young women? Read on and find out.  Continue reading

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