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Business Women Raise a Question MarkOh, the World of Custom WordPress Plugins

November 25, 2015  - Erin interviews TimeforCake's lead programmer, Jason, who delivers some much-needed insight into the world of WordPress plugins: what they are, when to (and when not to) choose custom-built plugins, and which questions to consider when selecting your website's plugins.  Continue reading

These “Helpful” Website Tips Will Actually Hurt Your Website

November 04, 2015  - We constantly bump into tips when interacting with websites each day and often don’t even realize it. Today we take a look at website forms and how one current trend in online forms may be negatively impacting your website.  Continue reading

The Obvious Is Not Obvious to Everyone (and How This Affects Website Usability)

October 21, 2015  - Website page elements are regularly, actively changing on your website’s page. Unfortunately, confusion is created for your website’s visitors when they don’t notice they change.  Continue reading

Harness the Halo Effect Before It Kills Your Website

August 26, 2015  - If you’ve never heard of the Halo Effect, you’re not alone. It’s simple though: it’s a catchy term for the very human tendency to judge a book by its cover. Today we explore how first impressions of your company's website can be affected by the Halo Effect.  Continue reading

Small Website Adjustments = BIG Rewards

July 29, 2015  - Thinking big is critical to grow a business. But thinking small and then setting small, incremental goals after thinking big is where our clients reap rewards with their websites.   Continue reading

Excellent Tool to Optimize Images in Your Company’s Website

July 15, 2015  - See how your company can maintain high image quality for its website without causing slow load times or crashing your CMS.  Continue reading

Caution! Your Website’s Forms Could Be Losing You Business.

June 24, 2015  - Is your online form a silent, unhelpful salesclerk? It is if it doesn't clarify what your site visitors should expect!   Continue reading

Your Website’s Forms Could Be Costing You Business

June 10, 2015  - If online leads or sales aren’t where you’d like them to be, it may be the forms not the users. Here are a few conversion optimization tips regarding forms.  Continue reading

Do You Have a Slideshow On Your Website’s Home Page? Uh Oh. Read This.

May 20, 2015  - If you have a slideshow on your website's homepage, or are planning a website redesign that will include a homepage slideshow, you *need* to read today's post. Trust us.   Continue reading

An Easy Way to Uncover Problem Areas in Your Company’s Website

May 13, 2015  - Do you want your business’s website to perform better, but are uncertain of what to fix or where to begin?  Continue reading

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