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Man With Laptop - Grey BackgroundWe Don’t Want Our Website Background To Be Gray

March 25, 2015  - Allowing personal design preferences to guide website decisions = trouble.  Continue reading

Big, Bold, Bright, and Beautiful = A Potentially Problematic Design?

February 18, 2015  - Upon closer inspection, the initially big, bold, bright, and beautiful landing page of a world-famous brand breaks from best practices and appears somewhat problematic.  Continue reading

When It Comes To Web Design, This Is When Clients’ Logic Goes Right Out The Window

February 11, 2015  - If you're considering a website redesign or design refresh, here's a little slap on the face to make sure you don't revert to a middle school mindset.  Continue reading

Three Visual Examples Of Effective Call To Action Buttons

January 28, 2015  - In today's short blog post we show 3 visual examples of Call To Action (CTA) buttons that make it easy for website users to take action.  Continue reading

Our Two Recommendations For Those Looking For Color Inspiration

June 12, 2013  - Take a look at our 2 favorite color-inspiration sites that we use (and that we encourage our clients to use) in today's post.  Continue reading

When Luxury Sites Go Oh-So-Wrong

February 14, 2013  - I'm finding it's not uncommon for luxury sites working so hard to be ultra-glam and fashionable that they overlook basic web usability rules like "make sure visitors can actually read the text." Perhaps you've witnessed a similar phenomenon?  Continue reading

Timeforcake Time Machine Thursday: Logo Inspiration

October 11, 2012  - Today we're taking a short, fun detour from our normal discussion about effective websites and inbound marketing. Instead, let's rewind to 2 years ago and take a peek at a few of the (many, many) design images that inspired the current Timeforcake logo.   Continue reading

Can You Read Me NOW? (Low Contrast = Lower Usability)

August 31, 2012  - You work so hard to attract new visitors to your website. Don't negate your hard work by making those new visitors strain to read low-contrast and tiny text. (Have a look at the example site here in the post to see what we mean.)  Continue reading

Push Visitors’ Eyes Toward Your Web Pages’ Most Important Areas With This Simple Technique

July 30, 2012  - Have you ever found yourself drawn to look across the street at a shop window without knowing why? It’s very possible you looked at the shop window because you first looked at someone in front of you who was looking in the direction of the shop window. Without thinking about it, your gaze followed this person’s gaze shortly after you glanced at their face.

It happens in the blink of an eye and without our conscious participation. It’s called the Human Gaze Principle, and it's an important concept that effective web designers use.  Continue reading

Web Design Quick Tip: Remember That Your Visitors Know How to Scroll

July 16, 2012  - Now that scrolling has become such a necessary part of using the web effectively, we thankfully receive fewer and fewer requests for web designs that “make it so visitors never have to scroll.” Those requests came in on a monthly basis five or six years ago.  Continue reading

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