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Smartphone / mobile with iconsOh Wow, Google Just Got REAL About Mobile-Friendly Websites

January 14, 2015  - Google recently decided to get very, very serious about treating mobile-friendly and non-mobile friendly websites differently. Learn what they're doing and find out how your site is being seen by Google.  Continue reading

Use This One Guerrilla Marketing Bonus Tip For More Powerful Video Testimonials

December 17, 2014  - Use this one, simple guerrilla marketing tip and you'll receive far more powerful, believable, and credible video testimonials from your customers.  Continue reading

Guerrilla Marketing: Making It Easy For Customers To Give You Video Testimonials

December 10, 2014  - Today's guerrilla marketing post takes what we learned in last week's post one step farther. In it you'll learn how to collect video testimonials from your customers with ease.  Continue reading

A Guerrilla Marketing Technique That Will Instantly Improve Your Credibility

December 03, 2014  - Today we're diving straight into the hot topic of guerrilla marketing. Let's start (yes, right now) improving your online credibility, at no cost to you.   Continue reading

Can An Online Marketing Agency Manage Our PPC Better? A Case Study

September 17, 2014  - When not implemented correctly, PPC (Google AdWords) can quickly eat through your budget without generating strong (if any) results. Today we share how we worked with one customer to increase traffic and revenue by properly optimizing their AdWords account.  Continue reading

3 Mirco-Tips For Improving Your Email Newsletters’ Subject Lines

August 27, 2014  - Teeny, tiny, simple tips on writing better email and email newsletter subject lines to increase your open rate.  Continue reading

Removing “I Don’t Know” Holes From Your Business’s Online Marketing

August 06, 2014  - You WANT to work with web consultants who feel comfortable saying "I don't know" when they don't actually know. (Many don't.) Be careful though, of agencies that say those words when it comes to these specific topics.  Continue reading

This Is Why Online Marketing Experts Bore You With Their Yammering About Blogging

July 23, 2014  - Blogging. It's boring. Not right for your business. Too time consuming. You're tired of hearing about it. But a quick read here today might help you finally understand why there's so much emphasis on business blogs these days.  Continue reading

Boost Your Ecommerce Store’s Success By Targeting Customers’ Mid-Brains

July 02, 2014  - Learn how you can easily increase customers’ happiness, loyalty, and sales in your Ecommerce website by targeting your customers’ mid-brains.   Continue reading

Our Denver Website Design Agency Asks: Can Your Website Ace the Five-Second Test?

June 18, 2014  - Not to be confused with the always-useful five second rule, the Five Second Test commonly used in the world of websites actually has nothing to do with whether your site is still edible after being dropped on the floor.  Continue reading

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