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3 website blog posts you may have missedThree TimeForCake Blog Posts You May Have Missed…

September 03, 2014  - Did you catch these three popular TimeForCake blog posts when they were originally published?  Continue reading

3 Mirco-Tips For Improving Your Email Newsletters’ Subject Lines

August 27, 2014  - Teeny, tiny, simple tips on writing better email and email newsletter subject lines to increase your open rate.  Continue reading

How Successful Client Website Projects Turn Into Failures Over Time

August 20, 2014  - TimeForCake websites are built to last. We have client websites still going strong that were built 4, 6, 8, 10+ years ago. And that's great, right? Well yes...mostly.  Continue reading

Business Blogging is Burdensome and Unbearably Boring (For Many)

August 13, 2014  - We know. You don't want to deal with managing and writing a blog for your business. We get it. But still, you need to read this.  Continue reading

Removing “I Don’t Know” Holes From Your Business’s Online Marketing

August 06, 2014  - You WANT to work with web consultants who feel comfortable saying "I don't know" when they don't actually know. (Many don't.) Be careful though, of agencies that say those words when it comes to these specific topics.  Continue reading

Does Your Company TRULY Need a New Website? The Answer May Very Well Be…No.

July 30, 2014  - What I'm about to tell you may come as a big surprise. A new website for your business might not be a smart investment.  Continue reading

This Is Why Online Marketing Experts Bore You With Their Yammering About Blogging

July 23, 2014  - Blogging. It's boring. Not right for your business. Too time consuming. You're tired of hearing about it. But a quick read here today might help you finally understand why there's so much emphasis on business blogs these days.  Continue reading

How An Ounce of Reciprocity Can Get Your Website Visitors to Do What You Want Them To Do

July 16, 2014  - Your neighbors cook you dinner. Suddenly, you feel like you have to return the favor. BOOM. That's the Rule of Reciprocity at work. Learn how to use this powerful concept in your website for big effects.  Continue reading

Every. Word. Matters.  (In Fact, Even Three Simple Words Can Increase Sales)

July 09, 2014  - You know a business website’s content can often be the single most important piece of the website equation that either helps or hurts a business when it comes to generating high quality online leads. But does *every* word really matter?  Continue reading

Boost Your Ecommerce Store’s Success By Targeting Customers’ Mid-Brains

July 02, 2014  - Learn how you can easily increase customers’ happiness, loyalty, and sales in your Ecommerce website by targeting your customers’ mid-brains.   Continue reading

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