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A happy holiday snowmanHappy End-of-2014 and Start-of-2015 Wishes To You

December 22, 2014  - The TimeForCake team wishes you a warm, wonderful break in the upcoming weeks, filled with time to reflect, share, and rejuvenate.  Continue reading

Use This One Guerrilla Marketing Bonus Tip For More Powerful Video Testimonials

December 17, 2014  - Use this one, simple guerrilla marketing tip and you'll receive far more powerful, believable, and credible video testimonials from your customers.  Continue reading

Guerrilla Marketing: Making It Easy For Customers To Give You Video Testimonials

December 10, 2014  - Today's guerrilla marketing post takes what we learned in last week's post one step farther. In it you'll learn how to collect video testimonials from your customers with ease.  Continue reading

A Guerrilla Marketing Technique That Will Instantly Improve Your Credibility

December 03, 2014  - Today we're diving straight into the hot topic of guerrilla marketing. Let's start (yes, right now) improving your online credibility, at no cost to you.   Continue reading

An Easy Website Improvement Tool We Love (And You Will Too)

November 19, 2014  - As we work to wrap up the all-new TimeForCake website in the next month, we're completing a good deal of Quality Assurance here. This tool makes our lives so much easier, and it can do the same for your business.  Continue reading

Yummy Online Candy Store Website Launched For a Colorado Candy Shop

November 12, 2014  - Early this past summer we launched a small online store for a candy shop located outside of Boulder, Colorado. If you like taffy, be warned that a visit to this website may end up in an unplanned purchase.   Continue reading

The Wrong Engagement Level Puts Your Website Project At Serious Risk

November 05, 2014  - Are you overcommitting to or under-engaging with your website or online marketing projects? Uh-oh. You might be in trouble if this is the case.  Continue reading

New Responsive WordPress Website Launched for a California Technical Writing Client

October 29, 2014  - Earlier this month we transformed an outdated website into a WordPress site with a fresh, responsive design for an international technical writer and speaker.  Continue reading

October 2014 Update: What Are We Working On?

October 22, 2014  - The end of October finds the TimeForCake team immersed in a wide variety of fun projects and solving unique challenges for clients across various industries. Take a peek and see what we've been up to this month...  Continue reading

Your Business May Benefit From Starting With A Mini-Website

October 15, 2014  - Have you delayed launching your first business website because you know the money, time, and energy investment will likely be significant? You're not the only one. A mini-website may be worth considering as a strategic starting alternative.  Continue reading

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