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80/20 Pie ChartHow To Ensure You’re Happier And More Confident About Your Website

March 04, 2015  - Learn what mindset promotes constant client discontent when it comes to websites, as well as a great trick we recommend to replace it with satisfaction and confidence.  Continue reading

February 2015 Website + Online Marketing Projects Update

February 25, 2015  - The end of February again finds the TimeForCake team immersed in a wide variety of fun projects and solving unique challenges for clients across various industries. Have a look.  Continue reading

Big, Bold, Bright, and Beautiful = A Potentially Problematic Design?

February 18, 2015  - Upon closer inspection, the initially big, bold, bright, and beautiful landing page of a world-famous brand breaks from best practices and appears somewhat problematic.  Continue reading

When It Comes To Web Design, This Is When Clients’ Logic Goes Right Out The Window

February 11, 2015  - If you're considering a website redesign or design refresh, here's a little slap on the face to make sure you don't revert to a middle school mindset.  Continue reading

Three Visual Examples Of Effective Call To Action Buttons

January 28, 2015  - In today's short blog post we show 3 visual examples of Call To Action (CTA) buttons that make it easy for website users to take action.  Continue reading

The Extreme Power Of Small Website Improvements

January 21, 2015  - When a client approached us for a website redesign project, we actually told them investing in a new design wasn't a good idea. Learn why, and learn how we saved this client time and money.  Continue reading

Oh Wow, Google Just Got REAL About Mobile-Friendly Websites

January 14, 2015  - Google recently decided to get very, very serious about treating mobile-friendly and non-mobile friendly websites differently. Learn what they're doing and find out how your site is being seen by Google.  Continue reading

We Now Offer Premium Video Services For Websites!

January 07, 2015  - We're delighted to share that, new for 2015, we now offer complementary premium video planning, filming, and production services to our website and online marketing clients.  Continue reading

Happy End-of-2014 and Start-of-2015 Wishes To You

December 22, 2014  - The TimeForCake team wishes you a warm, wonderful break in the upcoming weeks, filled with time to reflect, share, and rejuvenate.  Continue reading

Use This One Guerrilla Marketing Bonus Tip For More Powerful Video Testimonials

December 17, 2014  - Use this one, simple guerrilla marketing tip and you'll receive far more powerful, believable, and credible video testimonials from your customers.  Continue reading

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