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MegaphonePart 1 of 3: Does Your Online Marketing Grab Prospective Customers By Their Self-Interest?

September 02, 2015  - Everything your website and online marketing efforts communicate about what you do reads like white noise to your audience UNTIL you grab them by their self-interest and get their attention.  Continue reading

Harness the Halo Effect Before It Kills Your Website

August 26, 2015  - If you’ve never heard of the Halo Effect, you’re not alone. It’s simple though: it’s a catchy term for the very human tendency to judge a book by its cover. Today we explore how first impressions of your company's website can be affected by the Halo Effect.  Continue reading

Why Changing How I Eat Relates Directly to Your Next Website

August 19, 2015  - Today I share how my experience in trying to understand what's best for me in the world of food so closely mirrors what businesses experience when trying to determine what's best for them in the world of developing smart, effective websites.  Continue reading

Eliminating Stress from Website Projects with Blueprinting

August 12, 2015  - What do you want from your website? The question is simple, but it's one many companies struggle to answer. Blueprinting can provide website project clarity.   Continue reading

Before & After: Website Redesign For A National Massage Association

August 05, 2015  - Last year we completed a website redesign project for a national massage association. See the striking difference between the before and after designs here.  Continue reading

Small Website Adjustments = BIG Rewards

July 29, 2015  - Thinking big is critical to grow a business. But thinking small and then setting small, incremental goals after thinking big is where our clients reap rewards with their websites.   Continue reading

Driving Blind on the Business Bus

July 22, 2015  - Unfortunately, so many of us seem willing to drive blindly when it comes to business. The point here is plain and simple: bias clouds judgement like blinders obscure vision.   Continue reading

Excellent Tool to Optimize Images in Your Company’s Website

July 15, 2015  - See how your company can maintain high image quality for its website without causing slow load times or crashing your CMS.  Continue reading

Oops! International Underground Hack Instead of Quarterly Monitoring

July 08, 2015  - Find out what happened to this business when nobody was maintaining their site regularly.  Continue reading

Integrate, Don’t Isolate: Why You Must Consider Business Goals AND Website User Goals

July 01, 2015  - Well-defined business goals are a necessary part of a website improvement project. But they aren’t the only goals. True success happens when your users’ goals are considered, too.  Continue reading

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