Higher Google
Top Rankings for Statewide Searches

After working with TimeForCake to improve their Google rankings, one of Colorado's top fly fishing outfitters began ranking above their top competition with top 5 rankings for their industry's competitive search terms, including:

  • #1 for Colorado guided fly fishing trips
  • #1 for Colorado private water trips
  • #2 for CO fly fishing
  • #2 for Colorado wade trips
  • #2 for Colorado fly fishing reports
  • #3 for Colorado fly fishing
  • #4 for Colorado fly fishing trips
High Rankings For Hardwood Floors

Prior to working with TimeForCake, an upscale hardwood flooring company's website didn't rank in the top 100 for any of their desired keywords. After working with us, their rankings skyrocketed and their company now ranks above competitors twice their size. Example rankings include:

  • #1 for Summit County CO hardwood floors
  • #2 for CO hardwood floors
  • #2 for Colorado custom flooring
  • #3 for CO hardwood flooring company
  • #4 for Colorado hardwood floor experts
  • #4 for dustless sanding Colorado
Not in First 100, Now Ranking at the Top

A luxury interior design firm went from not ranking in the top 100 to ranking in the top 3 spots in Google for their 14 priority keyword phrases, which include:

  • #1 for Summit County commercial interior design
  • #1 for Breckenridge interior designers
  • #2 for Breckenridge interior design
  • #2 for Summit County residential interior design
  • #2 for Summit County interior design
  • #3 for Summit County interior designer
New Site Leapfrogged the Competition

After working with us on site optimization, a high-end Rocky Mountain gardening company landed in one of the top 3 spots for the majority of gardening-related terms in their areas of operation. Example rankings include:

  • #1 for Dillon Colorado gardeners
  • #1 for Summit County CO gardening company
  • #1 for Breckenridge gardening services
  • #1 for Vail Valley gardening company
  • #2 for Silverthorne garden maintenance
  • #2 for Summit County gardeners
Better Rankings = Increased Sales

Many years ago we helped a luxury, boutique spa obtain top Google rankings for their key local search terms. We continue to monitor and maintain the high rankings that generate the majority of their new sales. Example rankings include:

  • #1 & #2 for Frisco CO sports massage
  • #1 for Frisco Colorado massage therapist
  • #2 for Summit County massage
  • #2 for Summit County massage therapist
  • #2 for relaxing massage in Summit County
  • #2 for massage Summit County
  • #2 for Summit County spa
Staying Ahead of the Competition

Despite ongoing efforts and investments from what was, at times, nearly 900 competitors, we've continued to hold a real estate agency's organic rankings steady for their most important search terms. Examples of their top 10 rankings include:

  • #1 for Summit County ranch property
    (Previously not in top 100)
  • #1 for Summit County horse property
    (Previously not in top 100)
  • #1 for Silverthorne CO real estate
    (Previously 20+)
  • #4 for Frisco CO real estate
    (Previously 18)
  • #5 for real estate in Summit County CO
    (Previously not in top 100)
Cost & Time
Massive Boost in Sales Conversion Rate

Prior to hiring TimeForCake to plan, design, and develop their new site, a ski resort lodging company relied on VRBO for online sales—and had a 9% sales conversion rate.

After we launching their new website, their conversion rate nearly doubled to 17%. Additionally, the content strategy implemented began compelling new owners to sign up directly from the company's website, something their previous site had not achieved for them.

$12,000 Savings After One Assignment

Suspicious of their accuracy, a group building luxury residences in the Cayman Islands hired us to research the work-status summaries (and associated code) their web company had recently provided.

Our research unearthed findings that gave the client the proof they needed to confront their web company about erroneous billing, inflated time reports, and hefty charges for work never completed.

The web company admitted fault and removed over $12,000 from our new client's bill.

Now Pocketing Extra $$$ Each Month

While working on site maintenance for a luxury interior design firm, we discovered they were paying unnecessary monthly fees to a national company asserting their services offered tremendous value.

Upon moving our client to a simpler, more effective solution, they began pocketing thousands of dollars a year that they'd previously paid for the unnecessary services.

Decreased Costs By a Factor of 10

After comparing maintenance and updating costs before and after we took over their site, a Colorado short and long-term lodging company shared with us:

"Though your work has resulted in a site that runs and ranks better than before, it costs us ~10x less to have you maintain, update, and work on our site compared to our previous web company."

Website Saves Both Time and Money

A prominent and highly successful party rental company commented on how the website we built for them has impacted their business:

  • Both sales staff and customers have encountered "immense time savings."
  • Sales staff uses the site to upsell higher end products to clients, which results in a "better bottom line for the company."
  • Using the custom Wishlist feature we built, their clients can plan and receive quotes for events without having to schedule and participate in lengthy walk-through calls with sales staff.
Now Saving Six Weeks and Thousands Per Year

A Colorado non-profit shared that the website we built for them:

  • dropped the required time to process their biggest event's registrations from 8 weeks to 2 weeks per year
  • has resulted in thousands per year in site maintenance savings
Sales & Leads
72% Increase in Leads in Four Months

In just 4 months' time, an inbound marketing strategy we implemented for a successful design company increased incoming leads by over 72%.

More Leads & Higher Dollar Value Per Lead

Within 1 year of launch, the new site we built for a custom carpentry business had generated:

  • a "constant stream of phone call and email leads" despite a down economy and stalled construction market
  • seven leads for projects in the 5-figure range
Tens of Thousands of Dollars in Sponsorships

Initially, the promoters of a Denver gardening conference struggled to obtain the significant funding they needed.

After just 3 weeks of launching a new site we planned, designed and built, the conference promoters found themselves collecting (many) tens of thousands in sponsorship, donation and advertising dollars.

Last Year's Website Sales & Leads = Exceptional

After running their annual numbers, one of our growth-focused clients determined the website we built for them was responsible for:

  • one quarter of their company's total new sales
  • landing several of the year's highest dollar jobs
  • exceptional lead quality, connecting them with some of their most profitable customers
Website Leads Began Arriving Within Days

Within 5 days of their new website's launch, a professional artist's company:

  • received requests through their website to teach workshops in AZ and OR
  • solidified a private commission with a new national client
  • resulted in a project within minutes of a new potential client reviewing the site
Creative Options Have Saved Thousands

Six years of creative solutions have resulted in thousands of dollars in cost savings for a Rocky Mountain real estate company.

Recent example: The client requested a small $2,000 website improvement. We proposed several cost-saving alternatives, one of which they chose. The company instantly walked away with savings of $1,200 in their pocket.

They shared, "We feel you only want what's best for us. You look out for us, not your bank account."

Website Traffic
229% Boost in a Denver Website's Traffic

After just 1 year of launching a new, SEO-optimized website and blog for one of Denver's best physical therapy practices, the site was receiving:

  • 229.1% more visits per month
  • 101.5% more unique page views per month
Traffic Up 128% for Eco-Tourism Company

Just 3 months after implementing only the first step of our 15-step, long-term, customized website improvement and marketing plan, a high-end eco-tourism firm experienced a tremendous 128.59% increase in traffic.

Furthermore, their bounce rate decreased by 44.66% and their page views increased by 52.69% at the same time.

Huge Traffic Boost for Sleep Lab Company

During the first month following launch, the all-new site we built for a national sleep lab company experienced an exceptional lift in traffic.

Compared to the same month of the previous year, the website's organic traffic went up a phenomenal 92%. That's right, in just one month.

Nearly 200% More Traffic in 3 Months

After implementing just one strategy from our master website improvement plan (with 15 strategy recommendations), in just 3 months a high-end eco-tourism's traffic skyrocketed 196.93%

National Company Gets Huge Traffic Boost

Interthinx, a subsidiary of the publicly traded First American Financial Corporation, hired us to improve their existing site's design, help streamline its content structure, and integrate their new site into the ExpressionEngine CMS.

Within 6 months of launch, their website:

  • experienced a traffic increase of +47%
  • decreased their bounce rate by -55%
+49% of Traffic Now Coming From Search

We took over management of a Colorado resort lodging and real estate group's website from their previous web company.

Total traffic from the search engines:

  • Before we took over the website: 5.1%
  • After we took over the website: 49.3%
'Site Made
The Sale' Stories
Site Was Deciding Factor For Big Client

Recently a very big potential client interviewed one of our clients—as well as the competition. The big client was hesitant to move forward with anyone because of a past negative experience.

At the interview's end our client requested they review their company's website. Just a few hours later the big client called back to hire them—now completely confident in their decision to hire them over all other options.

The big client also acknowledged that even though our client was one of their more expensive choices, it was the website that convinced them that spending the extra money was worth it.

Fantastic Website = Famous Clients

Solely because of the company's website,a Colorado spa's client list now boasts multiple X-Games medalists—some of the most famous action sports athletes in the world.

Photography Company Lands National Client

National chain Office Depot hired our client C. Schmidt Photography for contract work after finding and being thoroughly impressed by their website.

Long-Distance Client Because of Site

A new client in Chicago, Illinois recently found one of our Colorado clients on the web due to their exceptional search engine rankings.

Though the Chicago client had never heard of our client before, the Chicago client was sold by their website. They chose to bypass closer vendors and ordered custom products from our client, having them shipped nearly 1,000 miles to their project.

Seller Didn't Consider the Competition

After using their website as a resource for months, a wealthy real estate seller chose to list his property with one of our real estate broker clients "specifically because of their website." The wealthy seller had not even considered using anyone else; the website had sold him.

Impressed Client = Three New Projects

A new customer chose to immediately hire a client of ours (a staging company) for work on three separate, large projects in Denver and the Colorado High Country immediately after reviewing and being impressed by the new website we'd built for them.

Excellent return on our investment

photo of Dr. Sherick

In just a few months we've already received a variety of accolades along with thousands of page views to our site. More importantly, we've had excellent ROI and our prospects have been very impressed. Your industry knowledge, accessibility, cutting-edge metrics, and ability to transform our needs and desires into a cohesive site have been most impressive.

~ Dr. Stephen Sherick, CEO  |   Innova Emergency Medical Associates

Never would have achieved our success without you

photo of Realtor Kelli Bennett

You have proven you are the best web design company again and again! It's not "making a sale" for you; it's truly about providing THE BEST service and product possible. You not only live up to your reputation, you exceed it year after year, and your skills and talents have proven invaluable to our business in such a competitive field.

Without your guidance, flexibility, patience and attention to detail, we'd never have been able to achieve the level of success that we have. Thank you so much for taking the time to listen to us, understand our goals and keeping our best interests in mind.

~ K. Bennett  |  CO Real Estate Agency

More sales + more customer loyalty

photo of Chris Hall

For our new website, we interviewed about 10 different companies (half in Colorado, half national companies). We chose TimeForCake because they respectfully listened to our ideas then integrated them into an extremely smart plan. Our only regret is that we didn't find them sooner. They didn't try to sell us more than we needed and they didn't just throw together a simple plan and move on.

We're flooded with compliments and enthusiasm for our site, and it's creating a buzz that is carrying over into added sales and rejuvenated customer loyalty.

~ C. Hall   |  Colorado Fly Fishing Outfitters

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