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Our Process

Way back in the early 2000s we used to walk all our clients through a highly structured, 8-stage website design and development process.

This lengthy process worked for some clients, but not for others. Despite fine tuning the 8 stages into an increasingly efficient process, it didn't make enough clients happy.

In all honesty, we crashed and burned with a number of clients because their projects didn't fit neatly into the process.

So, lucky for you, we tossed our 8-stage process out the window.

Our simple process

We've simplified.  Everything is easy and clear for our clients now.

Based entirely upon our uncommon philosophy*, our simple process is as follows:

  1. We have a conversation with you to:
    1. understand your big-picture vision of success,
    2. discuss your biggest challenges, and
    3. determine whether we're a great match.
  2. If we'd be a great match, we decide together what your project's success will look.
  3. We create a custom, phased, and prioritized Action Plan.
  4. We begin working on your Action Plan.

Your Action Plan

Your business's Action Plan may include one, a few, or a large number of our services. It may include one, a few, or a large number of phases. Neither you nor we can know until we start exploring your specific website and/or online marketing needs.  

Add it all up and it's why listing a 9-step comprehensive approach—without knowing whether it would be appropriate for your business—just isn't something we do anymore.

We just can't bring ourselves to stuff your business into a cookie cutter.

What will your custom Action Plan look like?  Let's find out.

* Our uncommon philosophy?

Smaller steps and continual improvement over time yields quicker and bigger results than large, one-off projects.