Since 2002, we've helped businesses in Colorado and across the United States grow, save money, and increase profits though effective web design, development, strategy, and online marketing.



Over the past 12 years we've found our most wildly successful projects have been the direct results of trust-based, respectful, fun relationships with clients.

The clients with whom we're a best match share several unique characteristics. It's very likely you'll be a great fit with us if most of the following characteristics describe you/your company...

  • Decisive. You make quick, confident decisions.
  • Direct. You don't want the truth sugar-coated, and you don't sugarcoat it yourself..
  • Visionary. You see the forest, not just the trees. You don't get mired down in the weeds.
  • Organized. You plan ahead, are naturally proactive (instead of reactive), and you like things broken down into chunks. It's even possible checklists make you smile.
  • Respectful. You do what you've agreed to do. You don't think it's acceptable to regularly ignore emails or no-show for conference calls.
  • Open-minded. You have intellectual humility. You're good at what you do, and respect we're good at what we do. You're looking for guidance and consulting—not a digital mechanic that does whatever you request without questioning whether it's in your best interest.


photo of Erin Pheil

Erin Pheil, Owner/Project Manager

Erin is TimeForCake's owner and project manager. She's who you'll be working with most closely during the course of your project. Erin has a BA in Psychology, MA in Digital Media, and 14+ years of industry experience in the art and science of building effective sites. Her work and words have appeared in magazines, industry websites, webinars, blogs and books, and she's spoken on strategic web design at state and national conferences.
Loves: Snowboarding, mountain biking, and riddles
Favorite cake flavor: vegan raspberry cheesecake with no cane sugar

photo of Josh Petrucci

Josh Petrucci, Front End Developer

Josh builds spectacular websites. He writes amazing code and has yet to encounter an HTML/CSS problem he couldn't solve. He'll be answering your tech questions and ensuring your site runs smoothly. (And if ever you need to know anything about ExpressionEngine or WordPress, Josh is your go-to guy.)
Loves: Racing mountain bikes + cyclocross
Favorite cake flavor: something with a bit of liqueur in it

photo of Jason, PHP developer

Jason Brodie, Programmer

Jason has been developing websites for over 10 years, working on everything from local business sites to the sites of Fortune 500 companies. He works with NodeJS, PHP, AWS, and Backbone, and is passionate about using cutting edge web technologies to build better business websites.
Loves: Photography, woodworking, and NodeJS
Favorite cake flavor: pistachio

photo of Sam Irwin

Sam Irwin, Online Marketing Expert

Sam has been building and managing online marketing campaigns since 2004, and brings a wealth of online marketing expertise to our team. Having both agency and client-side experience, Sam's strengths include exceptional SEM and SEO skills including PPC management, A/B testing, content creation strategy, and analytics architecture.
Loves: Biking, reading, and baseball
Favorite cake flavor: coffee cake

photo of Marli M.

Marli Mesibov, Content Strategist

Marli has been an avid reader, writer, and editor most of her life (her editing career began with a misspelled love note...), and a content strategist since the mid 2000s. She's absolutely passsionate about building brands through strategic content.
Loves: Running, reading, and dogs
Favorite cake flavor: anything with almond!

photo of Erica D.

Erica Dingeman, Social Media Strategist

Erica has been engaged with the online social space since it originated, and leverages her background in strategy and brand development as she helps clients move toward out-of-the-box existences in the digital world.
Loves: Dogs, wine, and changing the world
Favorite cake: angel food cake

photo of Ann Kendall

Ann Kendall, Messaging Strategist

Ann is one of our ninja copywriters specializing in brand messaging. With 15+ years of marketing communication experience, she's consulted with businesses ranging from startups to national brands—including Gates, Boston Market, Sylvan Learning and McDonald's.
Loves: Movies, gardening, and hiking
Favorite cake flavor: carrot cake

photo of Brett

Brett Stallings, Senior Support Tech

A variety of skill sets and years of experience as an adjunct professor lend to Brett's friendly teaching attitude, which applies directly to assisting our clients with their email, hosting, and website updating needs. He's passionate about helping people leverage technology and communication to improve efficiency and productivity in business.
Loves: Slacklining, acoustic music, and siberian huskies
Favorite cake flavor: rum cake


Though we're a one stop shop for the majority of our clients, there are plenty of things we don't do. That's exactly why, during our 12+ years working in the industry, we've formed strong partnerships and grown our network of talented companies and individuals who specialize in the areas we don't.

From real estate photographers to Drupal developers to Python specialists, we typically know exactly the right people to bring in for a project. and can thus quickly expand our team if and as needed.

And since we're not a fit for everyone, we make sure to point clients in the a better direction when we're not a perfect match.



We've been chosen as one of the ten Most Dependable Web Companies in the West and voted Summit County, CO's Best Web Company.

We've also received the Association of College & Research Libraries Site of the Month award and the Posh'd Real Estate Featured Site of the Month award.

Additional Accolades and awards for our web site design work

Working With TimeForCake Is A Pleasure

Bobby Kuepperphoto"The blog's running smoothly, we've added content daily and we're now getting about 1,000 hits a day! (Plus, moving to your hosting has made a big difference with load times.) We are VERY happy with the final product, and extremely pleased with everything.

There seems to be a ton of mediocre web design and web development companies out there, and when you find a really, really good one, you take notice. Working with your company is a pleasure, and when we need more site work (I am sure that we will), we will call you. You all are the best web company that we have ever worked with."

- Bobby Kuepper, Colorado Kayak

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